Our Story

What is Viditure?

What if you could sign an imporant document securely and remotely, while simultaneously authenticating and notorizing without sending it via fax or snail mail? Well, with Viditure, that's the precise problem we've worked to remedy!

With Viditure you can send an electronic signature from anywhere, along with a video (and audio) of you authenticating your signature. You can indicate that you're in agreement or provide acknoledgement of the terms indicated in the document, contract or other matter. So the recipients fill verification that the signatue is authentic and genuine.

How was Viditure Created

Viditure was created by Kebrone Dejene. He explained, 'I found myself in a bind when a friend called from another region of the country to inform me that my financial aid papers would need to be signed and submitted immediately. Without access to a fax machine the only solution was to ask my friend to sign my name to the document on my behalf. After this experience, I started brainstroming a solution and Viditure was born.

How does Viditure works

Using Viditure is simple!

  • One party will generate an e-mail to the other party through Viditure. The e-mail will contain a link to an electronic copy of the document.
  • The recipient clicks the link and views the document. Then, the recipient clicks 'I Agree' and then types his or her name. When you're ready, push the 'Viditure' button to record yourself saying, 'I, John Doe, agree to the terms outlined in document X.' Send the document back and you are done.Using Viditure is simple!
  • With Viditure, you can conduct business with ease, without the worries and concerns that arise as you contemplate whether a signature is authentic.
  • Viditure is the simple and secure way to sign documents electronically. It's the signature method of the future! Try it for yourself and start Vidituring today!

Our team

Kebron Dejene


Kebron is an entrepreneur with the drive to tackle big problems in order to create simple solutions. Thanks to a creative mind, I view problems as an opportunity to innovate. This mind set has led to a few great solutions. I am a big fan of innovation, design, patent, with the ultimate goal of converting ideas into big business. Kebron has a Business Management degree from Park University.

Ed lam

VP of business development

A 33-year veteran in the semiconductor field, Edward Lam is responsible for Business Development at Viditure. He has a proven track record of leading business teams and growing businesses. Most recently, he served as the Senior Director for Digital Power at Integrated Device Technology. Prior to this, Edward served as the Vice President of Business Development and Digital power at ZMDI where he established a brand new digital power business achieving design wins at tier 1 customers. Edward has held additional management positions at National Semiconductor, Exar, Sipex, and Analogictech. Edward earned a B.S. in Engineering from San Francisco State University.

Manoj Kurup


Manoj joined Viditure early on, he is Responsible for System Architecture, Backend Server, Team Productivity. Manoj has 20 years of experience at Ariba and SAP in software development. Manoj has a Masters degree from Indian institute of Technology.

Ewa Ding

VP of product

Ewa has extensive experience in product design and product management, especially with enterprise SaaS products. Ewa started to be involved with Viditure at very early stage. She shaped product strategy and designed first generation of Viditure products. Before Viditure, Ewa was head of product design at Xplain.io, responsible for user experience design, product strategy and roadmap. Xplain.io was later acquired by Cloudera. Before Xplain.io, Ewa was Director of UX at Model N, where she built the UX function from ground up and drove design and usability strategy for their first SaaS application. Ewa is passionate about delivering innovative product experience and being the advocate for customers.